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The Benefits of One-on-One Tutoring for Children

One-on-one tutoring is a preferred tutoring model for many parents. What is one-on-one tutoring and why should you consider it for your child?

One-on-one tutoring involves a tutor traveling to your home or you taking your child to the place from which the tutor works. Instead of working with a group of students, the tutor works with your child only. Here are some reasons why it benefits students and why you might like to consider it for your child.

1. The tutor creates a learning space which is both positive and free of distractions. Students are able to focus on the learning concepts more readily.

2. Students benefit from a personalised learning plan where they can learn at their own pace. Unlike a classroom setting, where a teacher is concerned about needing to keep up with the syllabus and the program, a one-on-one tutoring setting releases a student to take the time needed to fully master the concepts before progressing to more challenging ones.

3. The tutor will have the opportunity to observe your child closely and work out his or her learning style. This will enable the tutor to present learning material in a manner which is most conducive to your child’s learning style.

4. Being taught one-on-one eliminates the need for a student to look like he ‘gets it’. He is not worrying about what his peers think and is able to be honest about his current academic performance. There is nobody around that he needs to impress or feel like he has to keep up with.

5. Students in a one-on-one tutoring setting have the opportunity to experience success which they may not have had in a classroom situation. This helps them regain confidence and increases the likelihood that they will take learning risks.

6. The tutor will be able to tailor lessons to the child’s particular interests, heightening the sense of connection to learning for the child. Studies show that making connections helps deepen understanding and expand a student’s learning.

If your child needs one-on-one tutoring, speak with us today at Destiny Keys Tutoring to enquire about our services.

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